Summer in the middle of Febuary

What happens when you combine Resort ladies with music festival teenagers and rock n roll princesses? I’ll give you a hint- a lot of great, fresh everyday fashion.

In the Middle of February,  a very sunny day here in Tel aviv while in new york it’s 5 degrees, at the perfect timing for the valentine’s day- “Castro” presented their Spring-Sumer collection in their annual fashion show.

Geometric next to tropical, Patched denim side by side elegant orangey red-every girl can find what her heart desires for.

Styling tips- wear a silver night out dress over a white tee, add a pom pom keychain to literally everything and leave your heels at home because this summer it’s all about flats.


Photo creds: Avi Valdman, Ido CVM, Gill hayon. @TlvFashionMall

“He’s So Hot Right Now!”

Warning too many Memes ahead:

15 years have passed since “Blue Steel” and “Magnum” hit fashion world and non compression to the “Duck face”saga needed.
I feel like i’m taking CRAZY PILLS!!

You can’t blame the Fashion people who caught fangirling when the ridiculously good looking Derek Zoolander and Hansel walked off the Valentino show last February and proved they never went out of style.
It’s Not a surprise that ever since “Zoolander No.2” (yeah, like Chanel No.5 but better) couldn’t get out of the headlines.

The high- fashion satire is the definition of GENIOUSness and brillianty played by hollywood’s hottest combo; Ben steeler and Owen Williams.
Getting the support from Anna Wintour while covering Vogue magazine ,Justin Bieber, supermodels like Karlie kloss and Naomi Campbell among others, you know it’s going to be a bomb.

Do yourself a favor and watch “Zoolander No.2”,now on theaters.


I’m so reckless when I rock my Givenchy dress

Social media is going crazy over Beyonce’s new surprise music video for her new single, “Formation“.
The new Black American anthem is the biggest thing fashion industry could wish for.
Queen Bee empowering the “african beauty” in gorgeous long braids while wearing Fendi fur on ,Living the american dream with her Denim on Denim army and making a statement in a modern afro and a mind-blowing tiara.
And It’s hard to pay attention to the political message when she’s wearing all of those Gucci sets.


“I slay,ok” She slays indeed!

Viva Diva

From starting in Nickelodeon’s “Victorious” to becoming the hottest new name of pop music- Ariana Grande just added another big record to her promising career and nowadays is the face of MAC’s “Viva Glam” collection.

If you didn’t know already MAC Cosmetics “Viva Glam” is a an all year collection who 100% of their incomes is being donated to  Fundraising and Research AIDS and the HIV virus. (You can read more about “Viva Glam” here in the special post I published in the national AIDS day last year…)

This collection contains two new MAC lip products who speaks out Ari’s two different clashed “shades”; her “Good Girl gone wild” side with a dark purple matte lipstick next to her sweet Innocent one with a pink glowy gloss.

The Arianators (Grande’s loyal fans) know Ariana best for her signature ponytail and her always adorable but grown up looks. Throwing out to the world that sex appeal with cropped outfits, long eyelashes and some heels- Ari well playing that goddess Diva game.
Don’t forget that kitty ears, you know it’s her favorite!





go help to raise awareness and look super cute (A big win-win) in MAC “Viva Glam”, now available in every MAC Cosmetics stores and always online.

Photos taken by @natureoom


Out The Studios

H&M once again proves good fashion today can be accessible with a new Studio collection for Spring Summer 2016.
Bohmian vibes next to sportive patterns, functional while perfectly meticulous and feminine but not too much.
Shhh don’t tell anyone but I “stole” the white coat from the men’s Studio collection.




   the collection, which will be available in selected stores and from 25 February.


Run Away With Me

have you ever felt like you just want to hide, like you are not comfortable in where you are and you just stuck in this one place?
Like you are always moving from one place to another and you are never satisfied
And it’s tangling together into this one big mess you can’t untie?
Like No one understands you and the fact that they are trying too hard to it’s exhausting?
Like you just want to run away?
Like you just NEED to run away as fast as you can?

  How gorgeous @shai.ron is?


       Don’t mess with the mess!

She’s killing it!  

Wearing all @helenatlv everything

Hair & makeup by

Photos taken by Shai Pearlman @shai.pix

The 16′ Golden Globes

2016 opened with a major storm this week in the form of the annual Golden Globes television and film awards.
Another unforgettable award show with Leo giggling around with Lady Gaga, the hottest couples like Channing and Jenna Dewan Tatum and the hilarious blondes Jlaw and Amy Schumer, the excellent “Martian” movie winning an award.
There were pinks, unexpected cut-outs, capes and a lot of bling
I asked Talia to illustrate my favorite red carpet looks from breathtaking Amber Heard in Gucci through stunning Zendaya in Marchesa and ending with Kate Bosworth in Dolce Gabbana.
Seriously, how amazing it turned out??
Too glam to give a damn!

Untitled-1 copy

Illustrated by @taliazorefstyle

No F’s Are Given

Lately I’m struggling with some people telling me who I am, questioning about my priorities and criticisms.
Over the last few years I learned that the worst things that happened to me are my biggest lessons in life .
Being a teen is definitely not easy, every day is a new experience but I still believe we can all make something beautiful out of it.
Break the rules, be bold, embrace your quirkiness, do things you are passionate about and don’t let jealous people  get over your head.
Yet, am I unbreakable?



Thanks Omriri for collaborating with me- cheers for more funny days like this one!

Photos taken by @moshe.a

Klossy 4 Topshop

The hottest supermodel these days aka Karlie Kloss is once again the new fresh face of my favorite British fashion retailer, Topshop for spring-summer 2016 after 8 years of ruling the runways.

Klossy, as she called herself on Youtube is also a Victoria’s Secret angel, BFF of Anna Wintour and Taylor swift, an Oxford university graduator and a street style icon.

Now we can all afford to look like a supermodel, yeah right!

‏צילום מסך 2016‏.01‏.05 ב‏.21.22.33

Karlie rocking her coustmized Topshop military jacket


slaying in a little white dress.


OTW to coding class!

Here We Go Again!

I can tell you one thing- A year ago, exactly at this time of the day, hour, minute I was in completely different place than where I am today- A Safer, happier and more positive place.
Of course there is a place for improvement but I am sure everything will eventually work out.
One thing I learnt the past year is to let go the negatively in my life and to surround myself with people I love.
I don’t know about you guys but 2016 is looking good from over here- Happy New Year!




Background creds to Charlie Barker’s Tumblr but All pics edited by me.