by: Ori Levy

Hi awesome readers,
If you didn’t know until now, my favorite city is New York. I like everything about it: The crowded streets, the fresh aired mornings in Central park, the skyscrapers, the vintage stores and of-course the street style….

This week was “New York Fashion-Week Spring-Summer 2015”.

My father went to NYC to see the US OPEN, and because school year already started, he didn’t let me go with him. 😦
Although, I wasn’t actually there, I felt the spirit and  excitement.
If you like me, and you wish you were there, keep reading….

I’m going to write about my favorite and most interesting runways and my favorite looks from the shows.

Oscar de la Renta-
The 82 year-old designer showed a classic, fresh, elegant but still very chic collection.
From pastel colors to white and black, flower detailing, lace,plaid and a lot of fringe.

Rag and bone-
The company showed us how to take basic colors like black, white, grey, cream and make the clothes simple but yet very chic and “Offhand” kinda looks.

Jeremy Scott-
The creative director of moschino showed  a crazy collection, as always. A lot of colorful prints, flowers, short dresses, crop tops, fur and powerful slogans.

Alexander Wang-
The creative Director of Balenciaga, my favorite designer (He is a genius in my opinion !!),  This didn’t surprise us at all because as usual he  had a great show and gorgeous items.  A sporty vibe with lots of neon dresses, crop tops and skirts, but you could still see his usual colors that include black and white and grey.

Victoria beckham-
Once a singer, now successful fashion designer. In Victoria’s show you could find suits, long skirts and coats.  The collection came in classic colors like camel, black,wine, white and stripes and very interesting cherry pink prints.

Michael Kors-
55 year-old designer show was classic but still very chic as usual. Sporty wear inspiring with flowers, white, camel, black, sunshine yellow and navy blue. midi skirt, crop top, mini dresses, jackets and separates.

Calvin Klein-
The veteran designer showed  us a lovely collection. Black, red and navy blue leather coats and dresses, white and metallic tops.

Isabella rose Taylor-
13 year-old fashion designer. I met her  a few weeks ago when I was in New York for fashion camp and she was so nice and kind.  She invited me to her show but as I wrote perviously on this post, I couldn’t come ,so my father went to the show instead of me.
The talented designer show included fresh, young, casual style.  Basic black, white and nude dresses, see-through tops, graphic prints and you could see on many items  a pattern of embroidered storm clouds.

here is me and the lovely Isabella:

To summarize this week,
The flowers won’t go anywhere, the sporty and military vibes are going to stay. Suits, graphic prints and big coats, black and white total looks will last for a while.
From New York, fashion week moves to London.

Thank you so much for reading, I know it’s not the kind of post you are use to reading in my blog,  I promise you i’ll do more look-books.
Here’s an inspirational Interview with Anna Wintour, the legendary editor in chief of Vogue US.
Have a nice weekend,


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6 thoughts on “NYFW/SS15

  1. shaked cohen

    בלוג הורסס!!והסטייל שלך מהמם! רציתי לדעת אם אוכל לקבל קצת פרטים על מחנה הקיץ בניו יורק פשוט זה (אני שקד כהן אני בת 14 ואני חולת אופנה חח :))ממש מעניין אותי


    1. stylihista Post author

      היי שקד, אני מאוד מוחמאת. הייתי בקייטנת אופנה שהייתה 5 ימים רצופים של מהבוקר עד לאחר הצהריים. פגשתי המון אנשים מהתעשייה והכרתי מלא חברות חדשות. לקאמפ קוראים ״fashion camp nyc”. לילה טוב (:



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