Tuck It In

This trend appeared and disappeared throughout the years, and I love it so much!
It’s the best solution for a “bad hair day” or for  those who always wanted to try the “Bob” hairstyle….
So basically all you have to do is to tuck all of your hair in a scarf, turtleneck shirt/sweater and leave it effortless, like you didn’t even try this morning.
You can even add an oversize cool hat.
Leandra Medine (AKA Man Repeller) did it, Olivia Palermo, Altuzarra and so many others…
So Tuck It In!

Featured image

Featured image

Oh and stop to take a polaroid picture!

Featured image

Featured image
Featured image

Featured image

Total outfit from Zara

Photos taken by Ido Gindi Levy

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