Dream Weavers

Clothes hold a central place in jewish tradition. In the middle ages, Many Jews used to work as tailors, weavers or goldsmiths. 

Yon might be surprised to know that many top fashion designers are actually Jewish.
Names like Ralph Lauren, Donna Karan and the “grungy” Marc Jacobs.
Michael Kors, Warped Dress inventor-Dianne Von Fustenberg,  French designer Sonya Rykiel and of course Lanvin’s israeli creative director, Alber Albaz.

The Jeans industry was started by Levi Strauss (Levi’s Jeans founder) as an idea to make durable pants for workers. From then on Jeans has become a fashion piece that our wardrobe isn’t complete without.

All of those talented people can be called “Dream Weavers” , and every “dream weaver” sewed his own clothing and weaved his own dream.

Marc Jacobs weaved this grungy prom dress.

unnamed (3)

Donna Karan’s dress represents the feminist inner woman.

unnamed (5)

Michael Kors

unnamed (7)

Warped dress by Dianne Von Fustenberg

unnamed (6)

Go visit “Dream Weavers” exhibition at Beit Hatfutsot, Tel Aviv. Open till May 17th.

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