The Culotte

I used to be obsessed with skinny jeans, but recently I read this article in  the newspaper about an Australian girl who almost died because she was sitting all day wearing very tight skinny jeans.
To be honest, I always felt uncomfortable wearing them since they highlight all my body imperfections but I just went along with the flow.

Why do we have to punish ourselves? and don’t get me wrong, I’m all for- “you have to suffer to be beautiful” when I’m arguing with my mother about my (super) uncomfortable pair of shoes.
My answer is that when we have all of these awesome sections of denim jeans- such as the cool wide leg pants I’m wearing here in a mid cut raw hem- We don’t really need the Skinnies.

I wore them the other night for Diesel’s Israeli celebration event with a white buttoned blouse and a stunning black bow tie and it was perfect.
In contrast to this you can see here how these mid cut jeans can work equally well on a sunny day with a suede fringe vest and white rough sandals.
If I hopefully work it, you can too!














Trousers- Asos
Tank top- Joie
Vest- Lamarque
Sandals- Nursace

Photos taken by Stavit Gindi

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