That 70’s show- Renuar A/W16 Runway

My morning was pretty usual apart from the fact that I was dispatched through a time tunnel back to the wonderful 70’s at Renuar’s A/W16 runway show.

So curl up your hair or the lucky ones among us- Sprinkle your natural curls, wear your dancing shoes because this winter is all about the 70’s, again.

The Runway opened by the three presenters of the well-known brand with loud applause; Gefen Barkai ,Nibr Madar and the new guy, Yehuda Levi, alongside other male and female models rocking about big curls and some cool afros.

The collection was divided into four social trends/ different kind of personalities- Strong soldiers, happy hippies, young teenagers and glamorous individuals.

Stand Still-Vietnam War greatly influenced the style of the seventies, characterized by a tailored appearance, pockets in mustard, and green olive to a camel safari style.

Love is in the air-The culmination of the liberated spirit of love reflected during the iconic Woodstock Festival influenced a whole generation who wore warm tones like red Brick, Mocha. Fringes, maxi dresses and prints express the sense of freedom.

Denim on denim- The denim jeans reinvented itself with whole new cuts and different lengths, among them high waisted and of course flared pairs.

Dancing Queens- Finally we arrived to the late seventies and people feel the need to restore the glamour of fashion. The designers created trendy looks with meticulous quality wool and rich fabrics in shades of black and gold.

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Featured image

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Featured image

Photos taken by LAV Studio/Eliran Avital

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