H&M Studio A/W 15

This winter is going to be super glamorous but yet much more sportive.
The Swedish fashion empire revealed a visionary beautiful new studio collection (meaning a little bit more expensive than the usual) which was presented at the last Paris Fashion Week.

H&M definitely knows what they are doing and got the French icon Caroline de Maigret to host the runway show and the current It-model Kendall Jenner to catwalk on it.
The collection contains faux fur coats and jackets with a strong zip motive, turtlenecks  for certain, beside lurex sweatshirts and oversized sweaters all in the colors we love the most; camel, rusty red, dark green and the very surprising sweet orange pumpkin.
The tomboyish attitude featuring multiple “throw on” layers is the new futuristic thing. 


The collection will hit H&M stores on September 10th.

Featured image

Featured image

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