The Slogan Games

The printed logo/slogan tops are making their comeback with a humoristic twist attached.
Lately pop culture has inspired big fashion houses like Moschino, with the MacDonald’s and Barbie Collections in a wearable trendy way that has an influence over how we see the casual brands.
At a first look you are not so sure why a very famous rock band is being compared to an alternative soul singer, Lana Del Ray, or the reason behind the use of the popular fast food chain together with a luxurious fashion brand- these are the big logo games.
Isn’t it kind of genius that Beverly Hills turns into Beverly HEELS and the L’s are drawn to look like shoe heels?
In addition this week a British study announced that eating fries and toasts can cause cancer. Ironically, theMacDonald’ themed sweatshirt which portrays a skull with French fries tucked in its mouth.



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Photos taken by Or Kalmanson

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