Another one?

They don’t want us to be inspired by Alexa Chung.
let’s all admit that Chung is our favorite It Girl. She is like  perfect in every aspects, she is the woman we all wish for to be. I transformed my friend, Danielle, into a mini Alexa for a one day, and she loved it!
You never can go wrong wearing a T-shirt and denim skirt.


2015-08-10 15.56.28

2015-08-10 15.28.03

2015-08-10 15.56.20

2015-08-10 15.58.25

2015-08-10 15.16.09

First outfit:
Iro blouse
American Apparel Overalls
Ray-ban shades

Second outfit:
H&M skirt
Brandy Melville top

Photos taken by me.

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