Fresh De Toilette

At first glance at the new  Moschino fragrance for women you think they may have lost their mind and they are selling you a $ 82.00 Household cleaner.
in one word -unexpected, in three words-so much fun.
The italian fashion house is known for being outrageous so it’s not big surprise that they choose to transform such an iconic valueless product to a luxurious fragrance, and of course when the hottest 90’s supermodel, Linda Evangelista is the face of the perfume you know nothing can go wrong.

Joyful but fresh accents of ebullient mandarin,Citrus and Juicy Raspberry, the “FRESH couture” which is inspired by Moschino’s spring-summer 2015 runway collection is definitely worth trying out.


Don’t forget the yellow gloves!

Can you spot a difference?


Taking that “cleaner” look to the next level


‏צילום מסך 2016‏.03‏.07 ב‏.21.09.58

Bella Hadid “holding” FRESH on the runway (@odeonart)

MFRE15_BaseADV 220x285

Available at and in your local beauty stores

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