It may sound Arrogant of me but when I travel I always look for the most non tourist places. Let’s face it, In the end of the day we’re all tourists- Are you the typical “take my camera everywhere” tourist too?

I decided to make a little fun of myself and to “copy-paste me” at the most tourist places ever.
By the way the original picture was taken in the last night of Tel Aviv fashion week- clearly I was very excited.
Let’s make it a meme!

maxresdefault copy

where: du musée du Louvre


Where: Times Square, New York 91250-most-beautiful-places-wallpapers-1600x900 copy

Where: Maldives


Where :Mount Everest

50-years-of-NASA-spacewalks copy

Where: The Moon

Metropolitan Avenue

Where: Williamsburg, New York

game-of-thrones-season-5-finale-emilia-clarke copy

Where: Meereen

Jaffa-credit-Guy-Yechiely copy

where: Tel Aviv

Original picture:


where: Tel Aviv Fashion week

Wearing total look by Helena TlV

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