Just Another Typical “White Girl”?

Following the the hype around Kylie Jenner’s lips and her glosses I decided that I had to test it myself and maybe figure out why people are so obsessed with her merchandise.

In the beginning, when it just came out literally all of the products were always out of stock but now luckily you can purchase most of the lip glosses or any other makeup staple at any time.
To be honest i prefer kendall jenner over kylie but when it comes to makeup you can not underestimate the little sister’s word.
At a very First impression the packaging is absolutely amazing. You can see kylie worked hard on every detail.

Is it worth the money?
It does.the formula is actually really nice, it stays and easy to put on. also, the smell is lovely.
Do you have to buy the kit?
1 kylie lip kit (1 Matte Liquid Lipstick and 1 Pencil Lip Liner)= 29$
1 liquid lipstick (3.25 ml)- 17$
1 lip liner (1 g)-14$
So you save only 2$ when buying the kit.

I’m clearly not a professional makeup artist or something but I definitely know what’s good for my lips. The shades I purchased (posie k, koko k,candy k and dolce k) are all around the pinkish-brownish neutral scala and  perfect for day to night.

I can say i’m very satisfied and i’ll buy more from Kylie Cosmetics in the future. So am i just another typical white girl?


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