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Won’t You Be My Valentine

Valentine's Day
You don’t have to hate valentine’s day, You know, even if you don’t have a date or someone to sleep next to. We don’t only celebrate our relationships, but we also  celebrate the meaning of love in our lives. It can be your lovely puppy, your mother or close friend.
Appreciate the fact that you have someone by your side almost every day and celebrate it with him (or her). You don’t have to buy chocolate and flowers for each other, you can watch a romantic movie together (for example: The Notebook), light some candles and play Celine Dion albums.

The lucky ones who have been blessed and actually have a date-wear an A-line dress, cool pumps and holiday inspired clutch, fragrant your love with Chanel and hope your date will bestow you the LOVE bracelet by Cartier (plus some flowers and chocolate of course).

Plaided Stars

Winter has officially come to Israel. The past few days have been exhausting but very stylish I have to admit.

I am absolutely in love with this look I chose for you this week.
It has rock and bold elements with classic ones, and surprisingly or not it works great together!

An oversized thick sweater with big stars and slashed black leggings,
awesome black and white plaid coat ,the perfect black shoes and of course a black hat, why not?


Featured image

Featured image

Featured image



And I’m super excited to introduce to you the first Video ever made for Stylihista.com:

Keep glam and rock on.XX


Total look from Rockglam.co.il
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Photos taken by Ido Gindi Levy