Design & construction

Do you know that kinda day?
When you really don’t feel like going to school or anywhere else and the last thing you want is to get up out of  bed. For me it’s usually every single day.

That day I got lucky and my grandfather agreed to take me to his work place. My family works in real estate and architecture. You probably think it’s “the most boring thing ever” but it’s actually very beautiful and interesting.

This day was piping hot so I decided to wear a matching striped set (a crop top with a skirt) black and white sunglasses and my nikes.

I know I wrote in my last post that the next posts would be on fall fashion, but this post was pretty spontaneous and the photos went great, so I decided to write about them. More posts about fall fashion will be on the blog soon.

My look:
Set- American Apparel
Shoes- Nike

My links:

Photos taken by Ido Gindi Levy and Moshe Gindi.

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