Wearing A Sofa

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First, this post is going to continue on the topic of fall fashion (check out my pervious post), and more will be published soon.
In my area you can deffenitely feel the change in the weather. We have storms in the mornings and evenings and you can’t wear summer clothes anymore.

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I wore long black and white strapless overalls, the texture reminds me of a sofa or grampa clothes (HAHA). I added my white heels (not lying they are my faves right now), and my black retro shades that have really funny words etched across the front “Cross my heart, hope to die, Stick a needle in my eye.” For jewelry I wore a simple bracelet with the word “Merci” on it.
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If it’s colder in your town, You can add an oversize coat or a  blazer and booties.Featured image

Love you all so much and thank for the support.

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My look:
Overalls- Nastygal.com (mustard seed)
Shoes- Adika.com
Sunglasses- Very cherry fashion
Bracelet- Anthropology

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My links:
Twitter: https://twitter.com/STYLIHISTA
Tumblr: http://stylihista.tumblr.com/
Instagram: http://instagram.com/stylihista

Photos taken by Ido Gindi Levy.

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3 thoughts on “Wearing A Sofa

  1. lihilsberg

    מה שאני אוהבת בסטייל שלך זה שהוא כל כך מיוחד. באמת, אין כמוך. כל כך התרגשתי לראות אותך בגו סטייל!!!


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