Music festival season is right around the corner, Coachella included, and whether you got your tickets or not it’s the best time to scroll for outfits inspiration for the upcoming summer.
From Fringed vests to “gladiator” sandals and “off the shoulder” tops, the big show is not on the stage but the celebrities and hippie guests showing off some fresh street style on the dirty desert ground.
the rule is that there are no rules!
These are five looks I would wear if I got the chance to go: Coachella 16
 People to follow:
1.The queen of Coachella, @vanessahudgens
2. @weworewhat because she is the best!
3.  @chloe , c’mon everyone will wear chloe!
4. @charlottedalessio

5. @thecobrasnake and  @bryant for some street style pics.

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