The 2016 Met Gala

If you are following me on Instagram (if you are not, you should!) you probably noticed I had a trip to Orlando, Washington D.C and New York city…I tried so hard to convince my parents to stay for few more days but we couldn’t change the flight so…
Anyway, Last night was the Metropolitan museum gala hosted by American “Vogue” magazine in the greatest city in the world and my personal favorite aka New York city.
It’s amazing how a city can change overnight. Don’t get me wrong, NYC is perfect but the Met ball just made her even more glamorous. All the big names in fashion, “the moment” actresses and models gushed yesterday into the big apple with one goal: to win “the best dressed” of the night.
The topic this year is “Manus x Machina: Fashion In An Age Of Technology“.  While some looked like high fashion robots (or like a DIY project) the others seemed like they didn’t even cared about the dressing code “challenge” and paid the price by not ״standing out״. There were lots of metallic, all pierced ears situations, butts, baby bumps, “girl can wear trousers” and bow ties.

This year is also the first year I owned a Twitter account and I gotta admit that it’s the best way to keep in track and get updated live from the red carpet. Although my timeline went nuts nothing beats Twitter’s memes.
And by that here are the most outrageous looks worth talking about from the 2016 Met ball:

First thing first, let’s talk about Blake Lively. This girl never disappoints me and no doubt she won the “best dressed” of the night. Both Blake lively and Zoey Deutch stunned in detailed flower gowns, Lively in Burberry prorsum and Dutch in Dolce & Gabbana. WOW just wow!

Solange and Beyonce knowels both been Twitter memes’s victims. Let’s say that my opinion is not relevant here (I HATE IT) but the two very different looks were made out of Latex and it should be more appreciated. Even the best ones make mistakes!

Now can we talk about Claire Danes Cinderella moment in Zac Posen futuristic “glowing in the dark” dress? absolutely every girl’s dream.
‏צילום מסך 2016‏.05‏.03 ב‏.18.03.59

Kate Haduson. Such an impressive, body godess woman. Why in the world did you (your stylist) choose this unflattering Versace design? Zoe Saldana‘s gown is another example for that sometime the biggest fashion brands make mistakes. Both Haduson and Saldana looks remind me of a terible DIY project.

In one word: ecrute. Karolina Kurkova looked absolutely gorgeous from every possible angle in 150 LES connected flowers white tulle design. This is how you make technology fashionable. Good job, Marchesa!

Of course that Kylie Jenner  wore an embroidered Balmain dress.While it seems Kylie literally wears the same dress to every event ever: a Balmain tight fitting dress covered in rhinestones and diamonds. Kylie looked great but not stylish. Yo Kylie give us some fresh age appropriate red carpet looks!

‏צילום מסך 2016‏.05‏.03 ב‏.18.04.30

Gigi Hadid looked absolutely gorgeous as always in custom made Tommy Hilfiger while her date, Zayn Malik ,wore this crazy molded metal sleeves Versace suit and stole the show.
‏צילום מסך 2016‏.05‏.03 ב‏.18.05.22

“The hunger game girl”, Amandla stenberg  is breaking into the fashion world as the hottest “it girl” around in bold calvin klein sleek suit.

‏צילום מסך 2016‏.05‏.03 ב‏.18.05.41

I’m really trying not to hate but this is just ridicules. Madonna used to be someone to look for or to get inspired by but now she just trying to hard to grab attention, not by her music but by showing unnecessary skin- get some self respect!

Zendaya dressed as a glamorous robot in a custom made Michael Kors and clearly rocks every hairstyle.

‏צילום מסך 2016‏.05‏.03 ב‏.18.07.06

Nicole Kidman grabbed my attention in a Mcqueen galaxy caped Embellishing moons with crystals gown. She never gets it wrong!

‏צילום מסך 2016‏.05‏.03 ב‏.18.07.56

As much as I adore lupita nyong’o that Marge Simpson inspired hair  was a bad idea, That calvin klein dress had a potential but this look unfortunately doesn’t work *for me*.

‏צילום מסך 2016‏.05‏.03 ב‏.18.08.41

Selena Gomez and Alicia Vikander showed us you can totally rock a gown wearing massive boots. well, when it’s louis vuitton everything works.

There ain’t no party without some Kimye. The couple sparkled together in Balmain. Mr. West added Crystal denim jacket to hid casual uniform while KimK wore a leg split long sleeve silver gown. WORK!

‏צילום מסך 2016‏.05‏.03 ב‏.18.10.42

Brother and sister, Jaden and Willow smith striked a pose in matching suits (and dreadlocks).  Willow, which is the new face of Chanel stunned in a sopshisticeted “piece” while Jaden totally rocked the “classic” Louis vuitton suit.

‏צילום מסך 2016‏.05‏.03 ב‏.18.37.07

And finally how can we not talk about Taylor’s new fierce look? Taylor Swift debuted her bleached hair on this month’s cover of Vogue and she kept the edgy vibes on last night’s met ball carpet in a metallic louis Vuitton dress and gladiator sandals.  #metalicbabe

‏צילום מסך 2016‏.05‏.03 ב‏.18.11.37


Now here are my favorite red carpet looks I couldn’t get in the list becuase it would never end:

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1 thought on “The 2016 Met Gala

  1. Anna

    the “glowing in the dark” Zac Posen dress was actually worn by the actress Claire Danes. similar name, diffrent person. 🙂



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