Prom Queen

2 crowns, 1o cm heels, endless selfies, 30 limos but 1 dance floor.
Prom season already started, the streets are covered in seniors looking for the perfect look that will steal the show.
Whether you wear a  gown or a feminine suit don’t forget the blings.

This year I glammed up with IL Makiage but kept it classy and natural as possible.  IL Makiage offers to do your makeup for 200nis by appointment in addition to grant you with a graduation gift of 3 beauty products or “a survival kit” of a eyeliner, liquid lipstick and a nail polish.

Make some beautiful memories and own the night!






Wearing Idan Laros and Dana Harel 
Makeup by Amit Eilat for IL Makiage
Jewelry by Keren Wolf


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