9 things to say to your mama on mother’s day

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My mom, my best friend, my #1 fan, she inspires me everyday, she will always be the most important person to me and she truly deserves the best.
After all, she took care of me from birth to, well this day… and let me tell you one thing-  I’m not an easy child.

She’s not a regular mom, she is a cool mom and I can’t imagine my life without her.
To celebrate the “mother figure” existence in your life  I collected 9 gift ideas and 9 original ways to thank the woman who care about you the most:

  1. ” You helped me grow into who I am today”
    Gift Idea: flowers bouquetFlowerlab


  • “I would starve without you”
    Gift idea: Oven Mitt , Anthropologie



  • “You Make Mom Jeans look good”
    Gift Idea: “Mom” Jeans, Topshop



  • “Everything important and true I learned from you”
    Gift idea:  A robe, Kate Spade



  • “Mom, you don’t deserve a mother’s day. Happy Mother’s year!”
    Gift idea:  Movie date, “Mother’s day”





  • “Mom, you’re my favorite! (d0n’t tell dad)”
    Gift idea: Matching necklaces, Shopbop



  • “Thank you for loving me even though I ruined your vagina…”
    gift idea: Anti-aging cream, Kiehl’s



  • “Out of all the mothers in the world I’m so glad you’re mine”
    Gift idea:  A scented candleVoluspa



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