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I just need to put it out there-It sucks when your creativity level measures by the numbers of  your followers. I get why some people don’t want to work with me because maybe they won’t get that massive exposure but when companies approch me they now who my followrs are and I know who my readers are. People who are smart enough know that 75% of the people in this industry buy followrs and know how to target their specific audience. 

Despite all that It’s okay to here the word “No”but the key is to move on and to prove them wrong.   I feel very lucky to do what I love and to get your support. #blessed  

  Wearing Cala Fashion (which I absolutely loved working with ❤️)

Meeting “The Blonde Salad”

This is surreal.
So I visited casually “The Beverly Hills” hotel on my first day in LA hoping I’ll see someone famous and I noticed one of my favorite bloggers, Chiara Ferragni AKA “The blonde salad”.
I’ve been following chiara for years and she’s so inspiring. We talked a bit, she complimented my outfit and I told her about my blog and my instagram page and hugged of-course.
Chiara is Truly the sweetest and even more beautiful in real life.
In case you wondered this is my most liked picture ever and she liked it too- pretty damn exciting!

‏צילום מסך 2016‏.07‏.09 ב‏.15.36.47


 Raf Simons’s new gig

The american house of fashion, Calvin Klein announced that the legendary designer, Raf Simons is the new creative director of the label.
He will lead the creative strategy and management of the brand and all of the lines included. As part of his new rule, Simons will supervise all aspects of design, Global Marketing and communications.

Simons’ combination of futurism, arty cool and sleek, elegant taste make him a natural fit for Calvin Klein. He has worked with other big  labels previously. Before signing on to Dior (and then off) , he was creative director of Jil Sander for almost a decade.

“Raf Simons’s arrival as the chief creative officer signifies a momentous new chapter for Calvin Klein” says Steve Shiffman, CEO of Calvin Klein.
His first debut collection for the brand will be revealed in the Autumn-Winter 2017 New York Fashion Week.

Calvin Klein will open their first store in Israel at “TLV Fashion Mall”

ראף סיימונס לקלווין קליין, צילום יחצ חול קלווין קליין תמונה מאודרת לשימוש ללא תמורה

Blogging Academy 

Today I had the opportunity to share my experience in the fashion industry with young and talented fashion lovers in Shenkar’s program for teenagers I attended two years ago. Such a nice closer.


Thanks for having me!

img_0371 img_0375

Tee- Cos
Skirt- Derococo
Sneakers- Iro

Work Work Work

I just started my summer internship. My work place is amazing. I love working, it fills me up and I’m always down for learning new stuff.
I internship in a fashionable environment which requires me to Accordance with the regulations of a workplace dressing up (no shorts or something too revealing) or in other words wear all of my “cool” pieces i never know where to wear becuase it’s always too fancy, too sophisticated or too “not related”.
So Here’s my three different looks for three different work related occasions:

Dress to impress. When you get Interviewed for your dream job you damn right should put on a suit. In my opinion wearing suit or a fine looking elegant outfit to work makes you look responsible and that you know what you’re doing which is what impresses (or intimate) your workmates the most.

Necklaces- Laulau
Heels- Alexander Wang
Sunglasses- Acne Studios

The ultimate day to night job look: white tee, heels and boyfriend jeans. 

Jeans, Heels, sunnies and Tee- Acne Studios
Bag- Mansur Gavriel

And last but not least wear this look for a fun work place event like a magazine headquarters or a fashion brand’s house cocktail party .they’ll appreciate the effort.

Dress- Edit
Sunglasses and Shoes- Acne Studio

Shop the pieces I’m wearing  at Verner Boutique (Zeev Tiomkin 2, Tel-aviv) or Online.

The new faces of #Axchange

The Super adorable, super model Shlomit Malka is the new face of Armani Exchange Autumn- winter 2016-2017 collection.

The twenty- two years- old was chosen to lead the campine with no other than the very handsome Jay Alvarez, an Insta-model and an extreme sport athlete.
Gregg Sulkin which is known for being bella thorne’s boyfriend and an admired actor also stars in Exchanges urbanic men-wear next to Eliot Sumner, a british musician.

Armani proved they can make a great street style and still look authentic, (I “blame” it on Shlomit middle eastern look).
I can’t wait to watch the “Ready-to-wear” show!


Israeli pride, Shlomit Malka in Armani Exchange.


The whole squad


The unbelievably gorgeous Jay Alverazcf6ef837-6055-466d-8e38-61f62f1197c3

Gregg Sulkin and Shlomit Malka

Shop the collection in Armani Exchange, Ramat Aviv mall.


♪ Don’t go chasing waterfalls.
Please stick to the slip dress and the Slippers that you’re used to.
I know that you’re gonna wear it your way or nothing at all,
But I think it will look cute with a white tee underneath and a straw hat????? ♪

See what I did there?
*awkward silence*

Dress- Topshop

Shirt- Cos

Hat- Topshop

Flats- All Saints

Purse- Alexander Wang


It may sound Arrogant of me but when I travel I always look for the most non tourist places. Let’s face it, In the end of the day we’re all tourists- Are you the typical “take my camera everywhere” tourist too?

I decided to make a little fun of myself and to “copy-paste me” at the most tourist places ever.
By the way the original picture was taken in the last night of Tel Aviv fashion week- clearly I was very excited.
Let’s make it a meme!

maxresdefault copy

where: du musée du Louvre


Where: Times Square, New York 91250-most-beautiful-places-wallpapers-1600x900 copy

Where: Maldives


Where :Mount Everest

50-years-of-NASA-spacewalks copy

Where: The Moon

Metropolitan Avenue

Where: Williamsburg, New York

game-of-thrones-season-5-finale-emilia-clarke copy

Where: Meereen

Jaffa-credit-Guy-Yechiely copy

where: Tel Aviv

Original picture:


where: Tel Aviv Fashion week

Wearing total look by Helena TlV

One For One

Honestly I never took TOMS too much seriously but now i’m officially a fan.

It all started in 2006. Blake Mycoskie was inspired during a trip to Argentina to start a different kind of shoe business.
In Argentina he observed extreme poverty, adverse health condition and children walking without shoes.
An idea came to him: the traditional argentine alpargata shoe could be simple but revolutionary solution.  Later he founded “TOMS” (a derivative of the word ‘tomorrow’ and the idea that we have a better tomorrow) and made a commitment to give a pair of new shoes to child in need for every pair sold. On their own the shoes have a limited ability to change a life and can become a powerful tool in helping create opportunities for better feutre.

Five years later, Tom’s launched it second product, eyewear. With every pair of  TOMS “One for one” eyewear purchased there will be given help to save or restore the eyesight for people in developing countries.

I finally got my first  black canvas TOMS so to help you find the perfect pair I choose 8 very different designs to fit 8 different personalities. Although you can totally rock any style, A footwear choice can tell a lot about you- Which one is your favorite?